Tinamarie Duff, Bristol Myers Squibb

"Our goal in becoming members of the Founders Circle of the Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration with WID and its partners is to enable [people with disabilities] who are often left behind or without aid to receive the resources they need"

Tina Marie Duff, a white woman with brown hair wearing a black blazer smiles.Tinamarie Duff Bristol Myers Squibb Global Lead: People and Business Resource Group for DAWN (Differently-Abled Workplace Network)

Daren Chan, Director of External Affairs, AT&T

“AT&T is proud to support the Global Alliance initiative to help meet the needs of people with disabilities who live in areas that are impacted by a natural disaster.”

Darren Chen, an Asian man wearing a gray striped shirt smiles while crossing his arms. Daren Chan, AT&T, Director of External Affairs

Tali Bray, Wells Fargo

"Wells Fargo and WID have a very strong partnership that spans more than two decades. When accessibility is considered early and throughout design, all customers including people with disabilities can better access products and services."

Tali Bray, a White woman with dark brown hair and brown sweater smiles.Tali Bray, Wells Fargo, Executive Vice President, Head of Technology Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion WID Board Member

Christina Clift, WID User Tester

"You can build the best hotel in the world, but if it's not easily accessible to people, they won't come. I became a WID user tester so I could make websites, applications and other items more accessible to individuals who have visual disabilities."

Christina Clift, a woman with a magenta shirt and short black hair smiles.Christina Clift, WID User Tester

Jim Zimmerman, TracFone Wireless

"Our partnership with WID has really helped TracFone and our customers through identifying opportunities, realizing potential and then ultimately delivering on solutions for real customer struggles."

Jim Zimmerman, a white man wearing a white button down crosses his arms while smiling.Jim Zimmerman, TracFone Wireless Senior Officer of Customer Care & Operations

Elizabeth Vega, TracFone Wireless

"If you’re a company offering services digitally or products that involve digital experiences, you have two choices: you can get dragged into this kicking and screaming, or you dive in. Now we do testing with WID once a quarter, and we still find things that we didn’t think of."

Elizabeth Vega, a white woman wiht long blonde hair and a blue shirt smiles.Elizabeth Vega, TracFone Wireless Associate Vice President, UX Design & Improvements

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