Climate-Related Migration

Climate change will lead to large-scale dislocation and migration on a scale we have never seen, likely with hundreds of millions of people displaced from their homes by mid-century. According to the International Organization for Migration, there will be upwards of 100,000 “climate migrants” in the coming decades–and that migration can lead to social and … Continue reading Climate-Related Migration

Introduction to Climate Change

How Does Global Warming Work? The earth, which includes land masses and mountains and cities and oceans, is surrounded by a layer of gases which we call the atmosphere. There are many different types of gases in the atmosphere, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hundreds more. This atmosphere is incredibly important. First of all, … Continue reading Introduction to Climate Change

Climate Change and Disaster Prep

WID understands that climate change and disasters have stunning effects on the world’s disability population, and we aim to be proactive about it with training, education, and preparation. Climate Change- New Earth Disability Climate change is arguably the largest danger humanity has ever faced, and people with disabilities are especially vulnerable to its effects. When storms … Continue reading Climate Change and Disaster Prep

WID’s Current Initiatives: 2017

For Immediate Release Berkeley, CA, USA–WID focuses on cutting-edge issues facing people with disabilities. Though our work changes over time, it always remains directly connected to our mission of eliminating barriers to full social integration by increasing employment, economic security, and health care for persons with disabilities. Proposed initiatives for 2017 include: EQUITY EQUITY: Asset … Continue reading WID’s Current Initiatives: 2017

Roshan’s Farewell Blog: WID Opened Doors for Me to Learn

I was so excited to hear that I had been selected for the Community Solutions Program, as this was one of my dreams that I had been waiting to come true. “Hello, Roshan! I am waiting at the baggage collection area to meet you.” Soon after I disembarked from the aircraft, I received a message … Continue reading Roshan’s Farewell Blog: WID Opened Doors for Me to Learn


Officials and planners around the world are preparing for oncoming climate change, and we want to help. The NED team aims to help climate adaptation planners incorporate disability into their efforts at every level possible. This could include anything from drafting disability sections into planning documents to directly connecting disability and climate adaptation stakeholders at … Continue reading Partnerships