One Year Later: Ukraine Update

Ukrainian flag and colors

On the 1 year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Fight for Right continues to work directly with and for Ukrainians with disabilities, fielding over 200,000 requests for assistance, and providing emergency aid to over 10,600 people. 

Over the last 365 days, Fight For Right staff have provided legal, psychological, and rehabilitation support, food and water, personal hygiene products and medications, accessible sheltering and evacuation transportation, including 500 medical evacuations. In addition to their round the clock work changing and saving lives, Fight For Right has elevated the voices of disabled Ukrainians to the highest level of conversations in global humanitarian aid; speaking for people who have been silenced, advocating for their rights, and pursuing true humanitarian action for disabled people. 

WID and GADRA are grateful to have been able to support Fight For Right this year in their phenomenal work not only to sustain during conflict but to bolster resilience and build forward for all people with disabilities.

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