Ukraine Response Update May 1, 2022

Ukrainian flag and colors

For over 60 days GADRA has been engaged in support of Fight For Right to address the critical needs of Ukrainians with disabilities.  Fight For Right has been contacted by over 2800 people in need.  The needs that are being addressed include complex shelter-in-place needs including food, water, medication, and disability assistance along with evacuation medication, transportation and accessible housing.  Knowing that border refugee camps and other congregate humanitarian aid processes can put people with disabilities at increased risk, Fight For Right case managers are taking a fully comprehensive approach to evacuation. 

Fight For Right has been able to meet the needs of over 800 Ukrainians who have reached out.  

Demonstrating a whole community inclusive response, this collaboration of disability-led organizations have been joined by community partners who have come alongside with their generous support: The Nippon Foundation,, Tides Bridging Peace Fund, Bristol Myers Squibb, BMS Foundation and DAWN, AT&T, Microsoft, Mobile Giving Foundation, The Zankel Scala Family Foundation, CNN Impact Your World,and  Americares.

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