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Banner graphic with text: Afghan Women and Girls with Disabilities Face Abuse and Discrimination. Two women wearing headscarves stand backwards. Transparent Afghanistan flag appears in background.Banner graphic with text: Marriage Penalty Prevents Marriage Equity for People with Disabilities. Illustrations of a road sign with text: Marriage and Divorce and wedding rings.
Banner graphic with text: From Disability Rights to Justice. Image: Torso level photo of three Black and disabled people: a non-binary person holding a cane, a non-binary person in a power wheelchair, and a woman on a folding chair raising their fists and transparent image of an Indigenous Two-Spirit person and a Black woman. They are both wearing prosthetic legs and standing against a purple background.Banner graphic with vials of COVID-19 Vaccines. Text: COVID-19 Vaccine Inequities for People with DisabilitiesBanner with text: Disabled TikTok Creators You Need to Follow. Pictured: TikTok Creators: Spencer West, Lucy Edwards and Imani Barbarin.Banner graphic of Black woman wearing face mask. Text: Why People With Disabilities Don't Want to go Back To Normal.Banner graphic with photo of Britney Spears and text: Why #FreeBritney Intersects With Disability Rights


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