Transcript: About WID in 90 Seconds

The World Institute on Disability, WID, advances the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities. Founded by disabled activists Judy Heumann, Ed Roberts, and Joan Leon and based in the US since 1983, WID is one of the first research and policy organizations continually led by disabled people.

Disability impacts us all - most will become disabled at some point in our lives, yet the world is not built to include us. For example, over 97% of websites aren’t accessible with assistive technology. Disabled people are up to four times more likely to die in a disaster because communities fail to plan with us. Over 25% of disabled people live in poverty, and that number is nearly double for Black disabled people. We can change this.

WID focuses on 3 of the most significant barriers facing 1.3 billion disabled people worldwide, lack of accessibility, community inclusion, and disaster resilience. We use diverse lived experiences of disabled people to research accessibility gaps to help companies, governments, organizations, and communities create inclusive solutions. We build tools, in plain language, that help people easily make informed choices about employment, housing, and healthcare. Our proven expertise in disability-inclusive climate resilience planning improves disaster outcomes for the whole community.

WID works for equity, accessibility, inclusion, rights, and justice for all. Your support will help us do more.

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