Ukraine Response Update March 29, 2022

Ukrainian flag and colors

For over 30 days Fight For Right  and GADRA have been working 24/7 to help fellow Ukrainians with disabilities to evacuate; tirelessly pursuing accessible transportation, necessary resources, and information, to safe accessible destinations. 

The work of GADRA and Fight for Right continues at a fervent pace as case managers, resource personnel and a growing cadre of volunteers come together for the life, safety and wellbeing of Ukrainians with disabilities. 

Fight For Right has been in touch with approximately 1500 people and has helped over 400 people to evacuate to safety and assisting others who are trapped with complex shelter-in-place needs including food, water, medication, disability assistance and family care.

Every day we see evidence of people helping people. Volunteers, agencies, and a growing network  on the ground are joined by generous corporate and foundation funders, and individuals using the links and text-to-give options joining together in a global community of care in the face of horror. 

Joining in support of Fight for Right and GADRA, funders and donors have raised over $385,000 for Ukrainians with disabilities. Special thanks to: Google, AT&T, Bristol Myers Squibb, Public Good Software, the Zenkle Family Foundation, Bristol Myers Squibb employees, Text-to-Give and CNN Impact your world donors 

Coming up: Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 6pm UKR/ 4pm London/11am NY/8am PT

Join GADRA and Fight for Right – Leaving no one behind.

for an update on the situation for Ukrainians with disabilities from our colleagues and partners at Fight for Right (FFR) who will share the current circumstances inside Ukraine for people with disabilities, progress that has been made, and the challenges that still lie ahead.

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ASL and captioning by a CART Captioner will be provided .

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