Ukraine Response Update May 26, 2022

Ukrainian flag and colors

GADRA has been supporting Fight For Right to respond to the critical needs of Ukrainians with disabilities for 90 days. They have received requests from 3400 people who have reached out in need. And has been able to provide assistance to over 1200 Ukrainians. Fight For Right case managers continue to facilitate evacuations that often require partnering and coordinating with multiple resources to ensure the safe arrival of people with disabilities at an accessible destination with access to needed services.  At the same time, they are responding to complex shelter-in-place needs for people with disabilities who remain in Ukraine; including medication, food, water, supplies, and disability assistance. 

Participating in, and advocating at national and international meetings, convening events, and sessions, these disability-led organizations continue to work on the global platform to highlight the critical role of local disability-led organizations as key players to successful disaster response for people with disabilities impacted by disasters of all kinds.

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