2 rescue workers wearing face masks carry a person out of earthquake rubble.

Meet The Disability-Led Organizations Responding To The Needs of People with Disabilities in Türkiye and Syria

Disability-Led Organizations Continue Responding to People with Disabilities in Türkiye and Syria Since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated parts of Türkiye and Syria, residents have experienced 22,000 additional earthquakes and aftershocks.  In the midst of this overwhelming and ongoing crisis,…
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What’s Up WID: Climate Justice for People with Disabilities Transcripts

Ashley Inkumsah:Welcome or welcome back to What’s Up WID, the World Institute on Disability Podcast, where we discuss what’s up in the global disability community. If you’re new here, I’m your host Ashley Inkumsah, and I am super pleased to…
Ukrainian flag and colors

Taking Action on Ukraine

The human rights of Ukrainian people with disabilities continue to be violated, their lives endangered, and their needs discarded. These atrocities require a global action. 

GADRA understands that for global impact we must all begin locally and apply full force of our combined efforts on behalf of Ukrainians with disabilities. 

 In recent days GADRA has:

  • GADRA has deployed their full capacity in a comprehensive response to this disaster
  • Continued to support Fight For Right to manage their caseload of over 400 people needing evacuation to safe and appropriate destinations 
  • Engaged with global agencies also interested in action on behalf of people with disabilities