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Recording from Leave No One Behind Webinar: Updates on GADRA’s Ukraine Response

On Thursday, March 31, GADRA and Fight For Right hosted a webinar to share updates on our Ukraine response, icluding stories from people with disabilities who have evacuated, as well as the latest news and needs from Fight For Right’s…
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Virtual Event Announcement – Leave No One Behind: Updates on Supporting Ukrainians with Disabilities

The Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration invites you to join an update on the situation for Ukrainians with disabilities from our colleagues and partners at Fight for Right (FFR). When: Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 6pm UKR/ 4pm London/11am NY/8am…
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Ukraine Team Is Activated

Fight for Right, GADRA, and a team of experienced security personnel, are working around the clock to provide evacuation and shelter-in-place solutions that other humanitarian actors are not providing to Ukranians with disabilities. This response includes acquisition and provision of:

  • Accessible evacuation, border crossing assistance, and resettlement 
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Centralized operations & communications
  • Mutual aid and agency networks
  • Individual and mental health assistance 
  • Broad reaching systemic advocacy
  • Personal safety and protection 
  • Disability related services and support
  • Disability-led engagement individual assistance and mental health support
Ukrainian flag and colors

Taking Action on Ukraine

The human rights of Ukrainian people with disabilities continue to be violated, their lives endangered, and their needs discarded. These atrocities require a global action. 

GADRA understands that for global impact we must all begin locally and apply full force of our combined efforts on behalf of Ukrainians with disabilities. 

 In recent days GADRA has:

  • GADRA has deployed their full capacity in a comprehensive response to this disaster
  • Continued to support Fight For Right to manage their caseload of over 400 people needing evacuation to safe and appropriate destinations 
  • Engaged with global agencies also interested in action on behalf of people with disabilities